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Wood Fence Miami

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In current times, you would find many of the homeowners to be quite intrigued by the organic and rustic feel which could be provided by a wooden fence around their home. Even though in the past many issues had surfaced with wooden fences such as rotting and warping, modern technology has reduced these issues in a considerable manner.

So, whether you would decide to choose a red cedar for your fence or a gorgeous yellow pine, the natural beauty would undoubtedly shine through your home or business. This would then allow to give it a warm and inviting look that would last for many years. In fact, you would be happy to know that wood fences could easily last for 20 years if they would be maintained in a proper manner.

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Other than that, not only would wood fences be considered to be one of the most common fences in America, it would also be one of the first materials to be used as well. Not only that, but wood fences have also been found to be more affordable than the other materials. However, the downside is that maintenance could be more expensive in the long run.

So, regardless of whether you would require a lattice or a picket fence, we would be the company that would allow you to get the job done right the first time round, on time, and definitely on budget.

In terms of the wood fence styles that we have to offer, you could take a look at the list which has been provided below.

  • Spaced board
  • Board on Board
  • Picket
  • Board and Batten
  • Split Rail
  • Stockade
  • Estate
  • Vertical Board
  • Paddock

When it would come to selecting the wood for your fence, there are a couple of factors that you would need to consider. Those would be color, cost, appearance, quality, durability, and maintenance.

Cedar has been found to be famous for its golden color, along with great termite and weather resistance. Redwood tends to have a distinctive pink color which would then slightly gray as the years would pass by. It would naturally be very resistant to termite and moisture, but would be quite expensive. Ironwoods tend to have a very dark and chocolate-brown color and has also been termed to be one of the more labor-intensive woods that you would be able to find around.

Hence, we would make sure that all our wooden fences would be properly treated with water repellent in order to help them prevent insect damage and resist warping. This would also allow you to select a stain color that could then complement your home, thus adding an element of customization that would make your wooden fence feel like truly yours.

You would be happy to know that we would be able to handle any style, starting from French Gothic, concave, lattice top, shadowbox, arched, or tabletop. Nothing would be too difficult or complex for us. This, combined with a huge range of different posts and caps would make the choices for customization almost infinite. Thanks to the sheer amount of woods, different design styles, and color options, we would work closely with you in order to help you choose the perfect fence for your home. In addition, we would also discuss your lifestyle, personal taste, and level of privacy and protection for your kids if necessary. This is because we would like you to have the best fence in the neighborhood.

Call us on 407-391-1010 today to chat about a wood fence for your home.